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I work on resumes and CVs only as a complimentary service for my clients applying to nursing school programs that have first used my service for their personal statement or statement of purpose. I make a good faith attempt to help each client who uses my statement service to also bring their resume or CV up to effective standards, and I do so at the low price of only $99.00 (if you also purchase a statement). Please note that I cannot work on your CV or resume until you have completed the statement process.  If you are interested in help with a Statement, please fill out my Online Interview.

If you do not yet have a resume or CV or you wish to revamp the one that you have, please feel free to fill out my Interview Form at right so that I can get started!  Be sure and send your old resume or CV, if you have one, to

Nursing Resume/CV Interview Form

Nursing is my most developed specialty as an Admissions Professional

I have been drafting statements on behalf of nurses now for the past 20 years. Writing statements is not always fun, and the older I get the more mental and emotional energy it takes for me to do a good job. This is one of the reasons why I have developed a priority focus on nurses, writing more statements in this area than any other, because I admire the dedication of nurses, their orientation of service and giving. Nurses are generally among the finest people on the planet, on human and emotional levels, because of their ethic of service. Thus, when I help a nurse succeed, I am inspired by her/his story.

All of the Statement samples on this web site were written more than 2 years ago and all are anonymous.

Up to 1000 words: US$199 

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