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My last 8 years have been spent in the United States Army serving as a Respiratory Therapist. During my time serving my country I abandoned my original course of study in business and earned my BSN because I came to deeply love caring for the ill and wounded, helping them to heal: thus, nursing. Now 32 and a very serious, dedicated, and experienced nurse, I feel strongly that it is my optimal time to excel in graduate school. UCSF is my first choice because I love the diversity of your university and the surrounding area. I have now lived and worked in China, the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Mexico, Peru, and Costa Rica; but California will always be my home. As an ethnic-Chinese who speaks intermediate Spanish and seeks to improve on a daily basis, I feel most at home in San Francisco.

Statements of Excellence for Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses

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Geriatric Nursing Issues and Trends in Allocation of Resources

Depression, delirium, and dementia are major health problems in primary and long-term care. There is a shortage of mental health providers overall, but this is especially true for psychiatrists specializing in gerontology. Advanced practice nurses, such as GNPs, could fill this gap in delivery of mental healthcare for older adults.

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Mairi Chisholm

Mairi Chisholm was a Scottish motorbike fanatic! Her penchant for hairpin turns won her an invitation to join the Flying Ambulance Corps in Belgium. She and her motorcyclist friend Elsie Knocker joined forces and were soon doing vital wartime work ferrying wounded soldiers to a field hospital in Furnes.

Mairi was also tasked with taking mutilated corpses to the mortuary – what a job! However, discouraged by the number of men they were losing, Mairi and Elsie decided to leave the Corps. They had something else in mind.

They found an abandoned cellar in Pervyse, and set up their own illegal dressing station around 100 yards from the trenches!

With no affiliation to the Belgian Red Cross, they had to find their own supplies and help. Fortunately, they soon joined forces with the Belgian troops stationed nearby. Together, they saved the lives of thousands of men on the Belgian Western Front Ð men who would have no doubt died on their way to the Corps hospital.

Mairi was awarded the Belgian Order of Leopold II Knights Cross, the Order of Queen Elisabeth of Belgium, the 1914 Star and the British Military Medal for her efforts during the war.

Humanitarian nurses like you that are interested in psychiatric and mental health nursing may spend considerable time with soldiers who have seen similar horrors to the patients the nurses above encountered. What could be more valuable? If you are considering going into this field, but you´re not sure how professionally you come over in your persona statement, please do get in touch.