Master's Degree in Nursing, Japanese Applicant

I cannot imagine enjoying my work more, serving as a Crisis/Rapid Response Nurse (RN/RRT). I hope to advance in my career and assume greater levels of responsibility as a nurse practitioner, as a result of earning my Master’s Degree in Nursing at the University of XXXX. Saving lives, keeping patients as comfortable as possible, studying hard after I complete my shift, almost every day. That is how I want to spend my time because I am fully devoted to lifelong education in nursing.

A bilingual Japanese woman who has made her permanent home in Hawaii, I see myself as very much an international nurse and I could not be more enthused about the prospect of further study to become a Nurse Practitioner, facilitating my maximum contribution to the nursing role, especially with respect to rapid response to emergencies, from initial screening to recovery after surgery.

The University of XXXX is my first choice to earn my Master’s Degree primarily because of the sheer excellence and renown of your program as a leader in online education. I look forward to decades to come giving back to my local community here in Honolulu, providing patients with the highest quality of care possible; with a special focus on patient education and outreach. My long-term goal after gaining additional clinical experience is to gradually augment the amount of time that I devote to volunteer activities, preparing myself for increasing activity as a missionary nurse with a special eye on Asia, crises, natural disasters, etc.

On a local level, I look forward to a professional lifetime devoted to ongoing study and the advancement in my career as a rapid response nurse here in Hawaii. I hope to earn my Master’s Degree at the University of South Alabama so as to enhance my knowledge and skills in order to maximize my potential contribution to advancing the highest standard of nursing care possible.

I look forward to putting to good use over the course of a professional lifetime, all that I will learn at the University of South Alabama, even beyond retirement from my day job, going on medical missions where resources are very limited and we don't have much technology upon which to rely. This will continue to tax my nursing skill set and enable me to spend many decades to come performing on the cutting edge of nursing.

I am a nursing professional with broad-based experience in nursing gained through progressive responsibility in acute/critical care. I uphold high standards of nursing care for diverse populations, taking into account all of the most pertinent cognitive, psychosocial, physical, cultural and developmental considerations. I consider myself to be a highly dedicated nurse who displays sound clinical judgment, rapid decision-making ability – always thinking on my feet. I am highly organized, especially with respect to communications and time management.

I thank you for considering my application to Nursing at XXXX University.

Nurses who hold a master’s degree are sure to have exciting futures. With salary and job prospects on the rise, graduates have good reason to be optimistic. The healthcare field is in need of nurses, plain and simple. The demand for skilled professionals is on the rise due to a large percentage of the nursing population approaching retirement age. The government predicts that by 2020 the registered nurse shortage will be at 800,000 positions. A shortfall of that size would be significant in any industry, but it is especially alarming in the medical field. Hospitals, clinics, and other health centers need qualified staff to provide needed care. 

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1st 2 Paragraphs for the MSN Degree, FNP, Midwife, Volunteer in Africa

Completing your particularly distinguished MSN Program at XXXX University would serve as the optimal platform for a lifetime of additional service to the nursing profession. I especially appreciate your focus on the importance of diversity and global health and I hope to be remembered in your program as a white woman in love with Africa, a Jewish woman with a great zeal for waging war against infant/mother mortality rates in the Developing World. A certified homeopath, doula, and Reiki practitioner, I am the founder and director of my own holistic health care center. Most importantly, however, what stands at the center of my world is my work as a Nurse/Midwife Assistant supporting two professional mid-wives in private practice with all areas of care, during labor and post-partum, providing continuous physical, emotional, and educational support for mother and baby.

The other major factor that has set me off in pursuit of the fullest contribution possible as a nursing professional was my experience for a full month in 2010 in Africa, working with Homeopathy for Health, providing homeopathic care to local patients, the majority of whom were suffering from Aids and its many complications. We travelled to local clinics around the country, attending to men, women, and children in need. Ever since I have returned, I have invested countless hours reading about HIV in Africa in the context of children and childbirth. I want to return to Africa with Homeopathy for Health, but next time as an FNP.