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Nurses help in many ways. Sometimes they help strangers in a hospital, health center, clinic or other setting. Sometimes, they help strangers on their day off, like Abigail Bamber. It´s just part of the vocation of nursing, isn’t it.

A heroic off-duty nurse battled to save a man's life after he was stabbed. "I was just doing my job," said Abigail Bamber, 26.

The 41-year-old victim was walking in the middle of the road covered in blood before he collapsed in Bristol, UK, in May, 2016.

Abigail stepped in and began performing life-saving first aid before paramedics arrived. Abigail is a staff nurse and was off work for her birthday. As she was passing by in a car with a friend when she saw the man stumbling across the road.

The man was clearly in bad shape and Abigail asked her friend to pull over. She jumped straight into "nurse mode." When the man momentarily stopped breathing, Abigail started performing CPR, but despite her bravery, the nurse dismissed suggestions she is a hero.

Back on duty, Abigail said: ""By the time I got there, he was already on the floor…I started administering CPR. I can't remember how long I did it for. I stopped when the ambulance team got there.”

Once the ambulance team arrived, they took over and started doing their bit. The victim was rushed to Southmead Hospital, Bristol, in a life-threatening condition and was in a critical but stable condition soon afterwards.

Abigail´s friend said: "No one wanted to help at all but [Abigail] helped within seconds. He was passing away but she kept it up. I don't know how he is getting on now but he would have died if she wasn't there.”

Abigail says she´s not a hero and the fact she was off-duty would never stop her from helping someone in need. She adds: "I think most nurses go into nursing because it is a vocation - not a job.”

Kozma Dhaskali, 32, of Stapleton Road, has been charged with attempted murder and was due to appear at Bristol Magistrates Court in May, 2016.

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Some nursing leadership trends emerged quietly this year, but are nonetheless provocative for how they force us to think about nursing and how they force nurses to think about themselves as caregivers and healthcare leaders. Clearly, nurses themselves are very much aware of need for improvement of patient care since only 41% of nurses describe the hospital they work in as "safe." And barely more than half (57%) believe that the patient safety programs in their hospitals are effective, according to a survey of 900 practicing registered nurses by the ANA and GE Healthcare found early this year (2014).

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