Sample 1st Paragraph Family Dynamics FNP Goal Statement Sample, Older, Non-traditional Nurse from Philippines.

Now 52 years old and an accomplished and experienced nurse, I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your program at XXXX University as someone born and raised in the Philippines who has paid close attention to issues of diversity in nursing. I feel strongly that diversity issues have special relevance for the Family Nurse Practitioner because family dynamics always take place in a cultural context and the central role of the FNP is to orchestrate the healing and recovery process not only for the patient but also the patient’s family, to serve as an advocate for the patient and his or her family, and to as a leader, taking the initiative in disease prevention in the community.

Since my son Davy was born on November 5, 2011, this toddler has become the total center of my world. This is why I get especially excited by the opportunity to draft a model personal statement for nurses on their way to becoming Family Nurse Practitioners, because of the importance of family to us all, our futures, the future of the human race, our planet, etc.: it all depends on our children who in turn depend on their families. While I live back in Bolivia where Davy’s mother is a professor who teaches sustainable architecture, we went back to my home in the USA to have our baby. There was not a kinder more attentive medical team in the world than those who cared for the three of us, especially the nurses My wife had an extremely difficult delivery and we were in the hospital for almost one week.

My mother, who is now suffering from Alzheimer's was the main reason why we went back to the United States to have our baby. Our family physician, Becky Allmon in Bedford, Indiana, and her nursing staff were for me the kindest women in the world and they will have my undying gratitude for eternity. It is for this reason that helping nurses to get accepted to programs of advanced study is indeed a special privilege for me, to give something back in exchange for the wonderful treatment we were given, to say thank you one more time for my special gift, Davy Dylan Edinger.

Statements of Excellence for the FNPs of Tomorrow

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Sample 1st Paragraph MSN FNP Statement of Educational and Professional Goals in Nursing

I will be completing my BSN Degree at XXXX University, this coming May, 2014. I am in love with nursing school and I want to continue on to graduate school in your program. In fact, I am planning to move back in with my parents in XXXX, California before beginning graduate school in your distinguished program at XXXX University for several reasons, primarily to cut expenses so that I will not have to work full time while a student in your program and, thus, in a position to give of myself 100% to your distinguished and competitive program. My short term goal is to excel in your program and complete it with distinction, in preparation for fulfilling my long term goal of becoming the finest possible FNP with the rich rewards of a lifetime of dedication to Family Nursing practice on the front lines of service to some of the most vulnerable and underserved residents of California.