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I like to think that I draft the most effective nursing statements in the world for admission to degree programs; and I want to draft an extremely eloquent statement on your behalf as well.

The demand per US resident for nursing care is estimated to grow by 18% from 2000 to 2020. Healthcare for the aging individual will require efficiency and management in a fragmented delivery and payment system that is changing at a rapid pace.[3]

Nursing distribution for the various healthcare settings will also shift as we advance into the 21st century. Hospitals will continue to employ approximately 62% of the nursing workforce, while the ambulatory care setting will decrease the use of nurses from 8.0% in 2000 to 7.0% in 2020.

In 2000, 6.5% of the nursing workforce was employed in home health settings, but 8.9% of the nursing workforce will be needed in this area of service by 2020. Likewise, the number of nurses needed in nursing homes will increase from 9.0% of the workforce in 2000 to 10.4% in 2020.[3]

The physician workforce is also maldistributed -- most physicians reside in urban areas, leaving many older adults and elders medically underserved. There is a glut of medical specialists and a dearth of generalists. In addition, fewer physicians are currently working full-time in the United States as compared with past years. There has been and will continue to be a shift in the United States healthcare workforce related to the primary care clinician supply.

In 1990, there were approximately 137,000 physicians, 25,000 nurse practitioners (NPs), and 20,000 physician assistants (PAs) in the United States. In 1995, there were approximately 150,000 physicians, 60,000 NPs, and 25,000 PAs. The latest statistics show that in 2005, there are approximately 185,000 physicians, more than 100,000 NPs, and 50,000 PAs. The tipping point was reached when the number of NPs exceeded 100,000, because this was when legislators, insurers, and other healthcare providers realized the extent of the growth of the NP workforce and that NPs would be able to contribute substantially to healthcare provision in the future.

It is predicted that a major shift in primary care providers will occur by 2015. The number of physicians is projected to remain at approximately 185,000, while the number of NPs will increase to approximately 150,000 and PAs will number 75,000. If this projection holds true, it means that NPs and PAs will outnumber physicians in the United States by 2015.

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I like to think that I draft the most effective nursing statements in the world for admission to degree programs; and I want to draft an extremely eloquent statement on your behalf as well.

I think that one of the reasons why I am able to draft excellent nursing statements is my maturity, which foments empathy with my generation of older people. This year, I turn 60 years old.

The fastest growing segment of the population is individuals aged 60 years and older. Today, 1 in every 10 persons is in this age range, and by 2050, that number will increase to 1 in 5 individuals. In 2002, there were approximately 600 million adults over the age of 60, and this number is projected to rise to almost 2 billion worldwide. As the population grows, the nursing supply will fall behind in the United States and internationally. Demand for nursing services will increase, especially those of gerontological nurse practitioners (GNPs), and policy and regulation changes will be needed to allow GNPs to provide the quality healthcare services that will be needed by this aging segment of the population.

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Sample 1st Paragraph for the Doctoral Degree in Nursing, Korean Applicant

I moved to the USA eight years ago from my native Korea. I came here with the dream of becoming a nurse and this is what I have done, although it has not been easy, since I spoke very little English when I came to America. But I am a very hard working woman and now, after studying in the university and using my English professionally for several years, I have come to feel most comfortable not only as a nurse but also as an English speaker.  Within a year or so of my arrival, I was studying towards my BSN at the University of XXXX and I finished in less than 2 years, in May of 2009. My extensive volunteer work has also gone a long way to improve my communication skills in English.