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Sample 1st Paragaraph Nurse Anesthesia Personal Statement

I have come to see and feel strongly that Nurse Anesthesia is my destiny, that every step along the way in my trajectory to become a nurse and gain increasing experience, giving my all to nursing, has prepared me for excellence as a graduate student in your especially distinguished Nurse Anesthesia Program at the XXX Medical Center at XXXX University. Your program is my first choice for much more than its renowned location. Most of all, I could not feel more at home at XXU since I completed my training as a travel nurse there and gained professional experience at the XXXX Medical Center as well as XXXX and XXXX Hospitals. I had the opportunity during and after my studies at XXU to serve in a local Emergency Room as well as several ICUs and a Coronary Care Unit. I see your facilities as the cutting-edge of medicine and nursing; and I could not be more excited about the prospect of returning to again learn and serve in such distinguished academic and health care settings.

Statements of Excellence for the CRNAs of Tomorrow

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Sample 1st Paragraph Nurse Anesthesia Masters

Detroit Mercy is my first choice for graduate study because I am not only a devout Catholic but also a fervent admirer of the Jesuit tradition. I am convinced that the election of history’s first Jesuit pope will help us to usher in novel and creative advances from a Catholic perspective on the management of pain. A young American man, an activist with a keen interest in politics, first and foremost I seek to devote the balance of my life to the battle against ‘total pain’; researching the ways that pain always exists on multiple levels, physical, psychological, etc., and always within a social context. As a CRNA, I seek to honor the mission of University of Detroit Mercy by treating my patients and their families in the same way that UDM treats its students, caring for their “intellectual, spiritual, ethical, and social development” in a holistic manner.