Statements of Excellence for the PHD in Nursing

Aara Amidi-Nouri

Aara is Associate Professor, Chair of the BSN Program, and Director of Diversity at Samuel Merritt University School of Nursing.

She has served as the Project Director of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation New Careers in Nursing scholarship program at Samuel Merritt University since 2009.

Aara is also the Project Director for The California Wellness Foundation grant, Bridging The Gap. To date, she has secured approximately $950,000 in grant funds for underrepresented nursing students for scholarships and innovative programs for student retention.

Aara teaches on both bachelor's and master's programs. Her clinical expertise is in pediatrics, particularly hematology/oncology, and end of life.

She has given numerous presentations on pediatric palliative care, as well as cultural competency, locally, nationally, and internationally.

Aara is deeply committed to providing culturally responsive care to children and their families, and teaches extensively on this topic. She authored a chapter on Culturally Responsive Care in Berman and Snyder's Nursing Fundamentals Textbook.

Aara is a member of a number of professional associations including Association of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses, American Nurses Association, and Sigma Theta Tau International.

Her past service includes President of the faculty governing body and Chair of the Admissions and Progression Committee.

Aara was recently awarded the Strommen-Dillashaw Award for outstanding service to the University. She completed her Ph.D. in Nursing at the University of California, San Francisco, where her dissertation was nominated for the Dissertation of the Year Award.

Aara earned her nursing undergraduate and master's degrees from Samuel Merritt University, and her first undergraduate degree in psychology from Occidental College.

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